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Center for the ArtsPasco County Schools Center for the Arts at Wesley Chapel:
Our Mission, Objectives and Operational Procedures

The Center operates as an autonomous entity within the District School System with a professional management and support staff. The Centers’ Mission involves a fivefold set of components:

The first and most significant is to meet the educational needs of the Districts’ student base by providing musical, dramatic and cultural experiences that have a direct and specific correlation with the curriculum that is presented throughout the District. In a unique program children are bused to the Center to experience 10 to 16 professional productions each year. Productions from throughout the United States, including New York, Canada, and England are presented in daytime educational performances. Many of these presentations have components directly related to the standards that are outlined in the FCAT evaluations.Educational packets and lessons are developed for the majority of the programs.

Secondly, the Center serves as a venue for drama, band, orchestra, choral and dance students to present spring and winter programs in a setting with professional, technical and artistic support.

The third component provides availability to the District and Pasco County Government for meetings and training events. For example, the supervisor of elections utilizes the Center to train precinct workers on the operation of voting machines and protocol for assisting voters.

The fourth component is the presentation of performances for the public. The Center is viewed as integral member of the community and as such has a mandate to present professional and community productions that have historically been enthusiastically supported by the communities of Wesley Chapel and the New Tampa geographic area.  Past presentations have represented varied genre from the Duke Ellington Jazz Orchestra to the Jonas Brothers.

The fifth component regards the availability of the Center for rental for local theatre, music, and dance studio performances. The facilities rentals create operational revenue for the Center in addition to the revenue generated by means of public and educational presentations.  

Once again, thank you for your support in bringing about the facilitation of the Center’s mission: To create learning environments that provide meaningful experiences for students, student artists, performers and community members